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April's Approved Natural Acne Cures

Go the natural route and stay young, healthy and acne free!This site has been created to help those in search of a tried and tested natural acne treatment or cure for an ailment. As the site grows we plan on focusing on a variety of common ailments. To begin with we have chosen one of the most prevalent and undesired conditions, Acne.

acne vulgaris is a skin disorder that, although it effects adults and is not limited to the adolescent age-group, appears predominantly at this time. It is an almost universal occurrence during these years and involves anatomic, physiologic, biochemical, genetic, immunologic, and psychologic factors of significant import.

Causes of acne vulgaris
There are a number of factors that appear to be related to the development of pimples, however, the exact cause is still unclear. It is thought that the body's production of increased amounts of the hormone testosterone at the start of puberty is a factor. It is common to see boys with more acne than girls, this is likely due to the increased levels of testosterone inherent in men. Also, the distribution in families and the high incidence of identical twins with similar susceptibility indicates that there are hereditary factors involved.

Natural Acne Cures - How do the Treatments Rank? Find out here!It is estimated that over 90% of all teenage boys and 80% of all teenage girls suffer from breakouts. The degree to which they are affected may range from nothing more than a few isolated occurrences to a severe inflammatory reaction. The greatest incidence is in late adolescence, from about ages 16 to 20 years, after which it usually diminishes, but it may persist for adults. Although the disease is self-limited and is not life-threatening, its significance to the adolescent is great, and it is a mistake to underestimate the impact it can have on young persons. As a result, there are countless cures and treatments for the control of acne available online and in your local stores.

In our research we examined many cures and discounted some due to a lack of positive case studies. We reviewed the most promising over-the-counter medicated products which can be found here. We also came across some natural acne cures and treatments as well which varied from proven vitamin and multi-product regimens to single product treatment.


The BEST Natural Acne Treatments

The following is a review summary that may change monthly depending upon user feedback. These products are the best of the best treatments we have identified.
You can see a more detailed account of the assorted natural cures here.
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Tea Tree Oil
More Info Tea Tree Oil is an excellent skin cleansing agent and it comes highly recommended from many medical professionals.



Legal Disclaimer: The makers of Approved Cures are NOT medical professionals and do not claim to be. Approved Cures will not be responsible for any side effects incurred as a result of any information or products obtained on or through this website.